Midwest Autumn 2015

Autumn is my favorite time of year and it is truly magical here in the Midwest. It’s the harvest, and it’s time for apple picking, pumpkins, getting out the cold weather gear, and of course, autumn color photography. There is something about the smell in the air, the changing of the season’s, and the harvest festivities you find in every town and community, that just remind me of home.

I love this time of year and it never seems to last long enough. Every year is a race against time to get to all the places I want to explore and photograph. Autumn is the most fleeting of seasons, but the most enchanting by far.

This year I concentrated on the deep woods and beautiful design of autumn in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin- my backyard. Here is a small collection of autumn photography from this year that represents my attempt to capture the feeling of autumn, as I experienced it this year.


Nature’s Deign

Photographed at the Chicago Botanical Gardens.


October Woods #3

This photograph was taken in early morning at The Pewits Nest, just west of Baraboo, WI.


Country Road

Photographed on a small country road just west of St. Charles, IL.


Autumn Trails #1

Photographed at North Park, on the lakefront, Milwaukee, WI.


October Woods #1

Photographed at Devils Lake State Park, just south of Baraboo, WI.


Autumn in the Canyon

Another photograph from The Pewits Nest, west of Baraboo, WI.


Autumn Trails #2

Another photograph taken on the trails at Devils Lake State Park, Wisconsin.


The Meadow

Near sunset at The Morton Arboretum, in Lisle, Illinois.


October Woods #3

The Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL.


The Haunts of Nature

Seven Bridges Trails, south of Milwaukee, IL.



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